The locals are winning

It’s safe to say you’re on Flickr. Most of us are, but do you geotag your photos? I started to, then I realized it was pretty high maintenance (at least for me). Well if you’ve taken a photo in a major city in the last year and geotagged it, it’s likely that one of these blue or red dots is yours. Eric Fisher took it a step further, however, by organizing the photos into local vs. tourist photographs. The blue dots represent images taken by people that... Read More

Ultimate outdoor school

They call themselves 2 CRPG which means 2nd Group of the Canadian Ranger Patrol (the acronym makes better sense in the original French 2e Groupe de patrouilles des Rangers canadiens). In the sparsely populated area of extreme northern Quebec, something wonderful is happening among a group of rangers, and they have cameras! In this wide swath of land stretching from the Maritimes on up and around Hudson Bay, 696 Rangers and 585 Junior Canadian Rangers coalesce around 27 patrols... Read More

Just a little candor

Seventeen years ago Jurassic Park was released to the world in video form (don’t worry, this is not a fan post about Jurassic Park). Easily the most made fun-of/irksome character was Dr. Ian Malcolm. No one wanted to talk about chaos theory, they just wanted to see some dinosaurs, twisted steel, and screaming tweens. I don’t want to talk about chaos theory either, but let me pull something totally out of context that he says and put in in a new one, so long as I am... Read More

Vignelli gets on it

This spot is like sitting down in a comfy $15,000 leather Vignelli couch. You may want to stretch out on it, and you will most certainly be left wanting more of it in your life. Obviously well-timed for the opening of the Vignelli Center for Design Studies at RIT, the spot (below) is full to the brim of quotable quips from the modern master, which is expected from a man with as many years of experience in any field. He has mentioned a few things though that I thought were particularly... Read More

Perspective narrative

Perspective, or more importantly narrative. We each have several, perhaps hundreds. On the front door of my identity there are a few narratives: male, curious, young, European-descendant, son of a logger. What does it mean though for my personal narratives if I can successfully mesh with narratives around me? Or, perhaps, narratives that will never come in contact with my own (ie. the narrative of a Siberian Mystic living in obscurity)? One of the many gifts of this first decade... Read More

Stan Rogers

Stan Rogers wasn’t born in the Maritimes but it’s fair to say that they claim him. Early in his life he spent summers and formative years in Nova Scotia which greatly influenced his musical career and point of view on the world, singing epic love songs to the life, myth, and grandeur of a life at sea. The influence of the maritime tradition is held by many Canadians, regardless of their proximity to the sea, which can be seen on the Canadian dime. On it, rests the... Read More

Food Issue, shot by Lucas Foglia

Sunday means The New York Times is all over my house. Ripped apart, crinkled, piled up, sat on, spilled on, and loved, very well loved. Each year the NYT Magazine does a few food issues, this one with a great article by Michael Pollan on a 36-hour dinner party cooked in a cob oven consisting of one goat, one fire, and many cooks. Do not read if you are hungry, you will want to eat the magazine. Obviously there is great content throughout, especially if you are a foodie or a closet... Read More


Well these two little videos will just make you want to give Kate Bingaman-Burt a sloppy wet kiss and or a bear hug. Especially when in the first video some serious textile drawers are opened. Aaron Britt at Dwell Magazine is knee-deep in a series on color called Full Spectrum which is being shot by Gary Nadeau. One part of this awesome little series takes place at the Albers foundation in Connecticut, where lovely anecdotes can be viewed in regards to the late master of color.... Read More

Scale of the universal

Alright what a week. I’ve been sleeping very little and working very much, which has produced a quantity of inane babbling in my head, so I hope this post doesn’t end up and the category of ‘what was he thinking!’ Universal. Universe. Univers (ha, just kidding, no more type jokes Aaron). Isn’t it interesting that the word universe can mean everything outside, but universal can mean everything inside. Universal rights, the universe at large, two distinct... Read More