Epicenter Fellow Sarah Baugh

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  Sarah Baugh came into B-1 where we chatted for a while about why she keeps returning to Utah, what’s going on at Epicenter, and why it matters to her. When I first met Sarah in design school years ago, neither of us realized her path would be so frenetic and full of energy. She was kind enough to share some of her thoughts on why she is where she is, and what kind... Read More

TEDx Portland

TEDx Portland

  What if for one sunny Saturday in Portland  (the first sunny Saturday of the year, really) we all decided to get out of the beautiful weather that we pined for all winter long and crowded into one big, dark room? What if we all sat elbow-to-elbow, sipping Stumptown iced coffees just talking? What would we talk about? It turns out that we’d probably talk about what we... Read More

TEDx PDX Preview


Year 3 of TEDx Portland starts on Monday. Well, ticket sales open Monday, you still have a month to look forward to this lineup, a full day of amazing speakers, an art show, and a surprise event before hand that will excite any TED fan. Yeah, TEDx is a franchise. But it’s our franchise. Our flavor, under the global TED umbrella, it’s Portland’s very own in a rad... Read More

Poler opens a door in PDX

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I was hoping to be the first in line. A camper, in an iconic bright orange Poler tent pitched outside the flagship store, which opened today at 10AM, just a few blocks from my studio in NW Portland. I wasn’t the first there, I was actually among many thronging fans of the brand, eager to get my grimy mits on some adventure-inspired hats, tees, and a combination backpack/camera... Read More

Design Week Registration Opens!


It’s happening. Tuesday (tomorrow, Sept. 18) is the official day you can register for Design Week Portland. And you really should register! October 9 is coming sooner than you think. So, now that you’re planning on registering tomorrow, get excited. Ryan Bush and I (together you may address us as TAIGA) have put together a little teaser featuring Steve Sandstrom from... Read More

Seasons of growth

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This week I had the good fortune to screen National Geographic’s 2011 documentary, The Last Lions. It is one of the most life-like, brutally honest look at the natural world I have ever seen. The story is as crushing as it is remarkable. Stunningly filmed, a true departure for National Geographic, and in such a way as to inspire a dream-filled night of the struggles, fears,... Read More

Tanner Goods on film

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How many times have I watched this short film? The first time I was exposed to it I was standing in a small circle of friends huddling around a laptop. We were all silent for the full 7 minutes. Ryan Bush was standing behind us biting his nails. We applauded him immediately at the finish. But Mr. Bush had no reason to be nervous. He executed a great short film deliberately in... Read More

What Oregon is

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The Oregon Territory used to border The Louisiana Territory. That is nuts. Often one of the biggest complaints about Oregon (Portland in particular) is that it is predominantly a white population. Compared to other cities in the United States, Oregon’s ethnic diversity leaves a alot to be desired, especially for people coming from places like the East Coast. It wasn’t... Read More

Andrew Groves is Living it.


Guest post by Lloyd Eugene Winter IV. I recall first coming across the work of Andrew Groves on Society6 a little while back. I was quickly drawn to his wizardry with vectors, but became swept off my feet by the strong narrative of the Great Outdoor Majesty weaving through his work, and initially made the assumption that he was based in the Northwest, but while digging through his... Read More

How we work

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Adam Garcia recently held a workshop at Portland State University and on the whiteboard he wrote several things about how future designers should work. Some choice selects that caught my eye were “Don’t be a dick” and “Be nice” along with others in relation to process, research, and ways of knowing. It inspired me to write this post not only to future... Read More