Musicians at home in Portland

I showed up to photograph these two artists, musicians & friends of the Fort, 2 hours earlier than scheduled on a recent Sunday morning. Samuel wasn’t home, Hannah was enjoying her Sunday. My mistake in timing was met with smiles, magazines, ginger tea, and an invitation to creep around their incredible shared house in NW Portland at my leisure. I did so, and now I think I’ll show up 2 hours early to every photo appointment. It was such a lovely insight into... Read More

The Powell that giveth

We’re keeping it up in the Fort, thanks to a faithful reader! The truth is I’ve let the busy get in between my grubby little fingers and I myself haven’t been able to keep up with the universe. But, never to fear, we are alive and well, and have plenty to share and plenty behind the curtain. Just you wait. In the meantime, I have (humility be damned) been given the honor of being Mayor of Powell’s books on Foursquare. Which means there are new books to... Read More