USGS – Earth as art

Nothing like some perspective on the place we call home. Especially on the cusp of NASA’s great announcement coming up on Thursday about extraterrestrial life (I know, it’s hard to take that sentence seriously). The images are extraordinary but I absolutely love the captions. I like to dig further and search YouTube & Vimeo for videos of some of these obscure locations. I’m always pleased to find treasures and places I’ve never dreamed of. What a planet. Thanks,... Read More

music: Fang Island & Gobble Gobble

GOBBLE GOBBLE Time for some music! Alright let me just say I’m not a fan of house parties. The only exception are Ben’s house parties, because they are civilized by way of Bulleit Bourbon and other choice spirits. And excellent music, like this video above. I WANT to be in that room. I’m certain it smells to high heaven of human, but come on, live indie electro? This is QUALITY. They’re called Gobble Gobble, which is seasonally appropriate. This song... Read More

Mike Bailey-Gates, age 16

Come on. He is 16 years old, or at least he was when he made his flickr profile. Ok I just read he was born in 1993, so there is the answer. Mike Bailey-Gates is a photographer from Rhode Island and I swear I have seen the above image floating around for a while, I just never looked at his other work. I am spellbound, you will be spellbound, and I’m not sure what emotion I experience when I realize how young this talent is. Is it jealousy? Is it admiration? He’s clearly... Read More

Philippe Jaroussky sounds like an angel

is name is probably the easiest to misspell in the Western world, but you will be rewarded for remembering it. Philippe Jaroussky is a French countertenor that has been the object of much attention for a peculiar talent heĀ possesses. He can sing like a woman. Well, in fact, he can sing how the Angel Gabriel probably sang at the age of 10. Do angels age? Anyway, Mr. Jaroussky has been on the top of my list for a few years when I need to hear the human voice, and I was so pleased... Read More

The books in the Fort

I was asked recently what I was reading, but not in the sense of “currently.” I think I was being asked what books I turn to when I need to. I’ve got a few standards, a few golden pages that continually intrigue, pay off, andĀ illicit. I don’t exactly read these, but I study them. Design reading is a different category, and probably a boring one. I’ll also mention that it just started snowing outside, the first of the year on the valley floor here... Read More

Strategy Can Do Better, Mr. Haque

Umair Haque recently published an article for the Harvard Business Review that I’ve read now four times and it’s time to talk about it. The piece is called Strategy Can Do Better and quantifies what so many people have been feeling so deeply but couldn’t quite get out of their mouths. The piece is so brilliant, so verbally satisfying that I couldn’t regurgitate my own version and provide any improvement whatsoever, so I’m going to quote him, alot.... Read More

Sunday Time(s)

Sunday again. You know what this means in my house. This week, however, I was on a mission to find a friend of ours inside the newspaper, but a couple things first. The cover of the magazine is a simulacrum of the C++ code that exploits a common secutiry flaw in WiFi networks, allowing a hacker to impersonate a user on a particular web site. The code was adapted by Lacy Garrison who does some pretty incredible work for some serious clients. When I first fished the magazine from... Read More

Public domain, white gold

Recently I was doing some digging and came across the largest public domain film archive I’ve ever imagined in my life. I was absolutely giddy when I realized that all the videos in the archive were simply a click away from being downloaded onto my machine, ready for the cutting board. There are a few tricks to learning the keyword system, but once you get comfortable understanding how the archive stores information it’s basically an endless resource. Here’s... Read More

Will Bryant invades Portland

Will Bryant is still in the city as I write this, but soon he’ll head back south to his lair in Austin, TX, and the gents over at Public School. During his visit he was kind enough to share some of his work in real-life with Portland up at Land Gallery on Mississippi Avenue. Walking into a room full of work I’d seen on the internet over the past few years was surreal! Chuck Norris, girls holding their breath, Bulls, all of the work that is so iconically Will, on a... Read More


Man it’s been a while since I’ve written anything about music, or uploaded a playlist. That is to mean I haven’t had anything to say about the subject until I decided to spend a moment on Typhoon. Sparked, the other day, when I saw the band arrive (largely) intact into a dimly lit cinema where I was sitting and I realized, these people are in my life, why haven’t I posted about them? Happily, I gave a refrained shout out in-theatre with their moniker which... Read More