TEDx PDX Preview

Year 3 of TEDx Portland starts on Monday. Well, ticket sales open Monday, you still have a month to look forward to this lineup, a full day of amazing speakers, an art show, and a surprise event before hand that will excite any TED fan. Yeah, TEDx is a franchise. But it’s our franchise. Our flavor, under the global TED umbrella, it’s Portland’s very own in a rad series of what is turning out to be fertile grounds for a short-list of inspiration-heavy conferences.... Read More

Poler opens a door in PDX

I was hoping to be the first in line. A camper, in an iconic bright orange Poler tent pitched outside the flagship store, which opened today at 10AM, just a few blocks from my studio in NW Portland. I wasn’t the first there, I was actually among many thronging fans of the brand, eager to get my grimy mits on some adventure-inspired hats, tees, and a combination backpack/camera bag. Forgive the photography in this post, it’s my first time posting with iPhone pics.... Read More