A little interview with Steve Sandstrom

Designspeaks is featuring Steve Sandstrom! It’s time to bring your ears, notepads, curiosities and friends. Well not too many friends, the event is darn-near sold out, so get in on it! Come listen to a man who has very likely influenced your purchases of Tazo tea, Bulleit Bourbon, Full Sail & Session beer, Converse shoes, St. Germain liqueur, Moonstruck chocolate, and Kombucha! If you’re not convinced, Mr. Sandstrom was generous enough to answer a few questions... Read More

What Oregon is

The Oregon Territory used to border The Louisiana Territory. That is nuts. Often one of the biggest complaints about Oregon (Portland in particular) is that it is predominantly a white population. Compared to other cities in the United States, Oregon’s ethnic diversity leaves a alot to be desired, especially for people coming from places like the East Coast. It wasn’t always this way though. Prior to European colonization of this area, Oregon was one of the richest... Read More

Andrew Groves is Living it.

Guest post by Lloyd Eugene Winter IV. I recall first coming across the work of Andrew Groves on Society6 a little while back. I was quickly drawn to his wizardry with vectors, but became swept off my feet by the strong narrative of the Great Outdoor Majesty weaving through his work, and initially made the assumption that he was based in the Northwest, but while digging through his work came to find that he’s from the UK. A couple years went by and he popped up on my radar... Read More