Oregonians in Oregon

Over the past few weeks I’ve been traveling Oregon. Getting in deep. Logging 1,400 miles here, 700 miles there, all running around the areas I know, some I don’t, all trying to dig out the feel of what this state really is. It’s hard to say, now. I mean it’s mostly desert, but what I’m getting at besides a physical description is that, I’m not sure if I’m really an Oregonian. Working towards my 32nd winter... Read More

The middle slice of Oregon

It’s been a while since I got out into the deep backwoods. When I heard I’d be staying near Klamath Falls this summer I realized it was the perfect chance to strap into some back country, rather than taking the predictable I-5 on the way back. What I discovered, OF COURSE, was another dimension. One that only tickled my interest. I still had to skip over the majority of the spectacular wonder that is Central Oregon. I mean, I didn’t... Read More

A little interview with Steve Sandstrom

Designspeaks is featuring Steve Sandstrom! It’s time to bring your ears, notepads, curiosities and friends. Well not too many friends, the event is darn-near sold out, so get in on it! Come listen to a man who has very likely influenced your purchases of Tazo tea, Bulleit Bourbon, Full Sail & Session beer, Converse shoes, St. Germain liqueur, Moonstruck chocolate, and Kombucha! If you’re not convinced, Mr. Sandstrom was generous enough... Read More

What Oregon is

The Oregon Territory used to border The Louisiana Territory. That is nuts. Often one of the biggest complaints about Oregon (Portland in particular) is that it is predominantly a white population. Compared to other cities in the United States, Oregon’s ethnic diversity leaves a alot to be desired, especially for people coming from places like the East Coast. It wasn’t always this way though. Prior to European colonization of this area,... Read More

Poler Camp Vibes

Portland has a reputation (or stereotype) of being a town full of artisan crafted goods for very specific types of consumers. It’s rare to find a company offering a very Portland-style set of products that also have the potential to be offered to a much wider audience. It would be easy at first glance to lump Poler into one of those niche shops I just mentioned. But it’s not, it’s much more subtle and accessible than most shops... Read More

Harney County, Oregon

20 years ago I was taught how to birdwatch at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in extreme S.E. Oregon by a lovely couple named Ralph & Sharon. We rounded up the usual suspects of a wetland riparian area in the high scrub country of the Great Basin. Canvasback ducks, White Faced Ibis, Cattle Egrets, White Pelicans, the whole crew. We had special moments spotting a family of Great Horned Owls high up on a rim rock cliff, shaded from the heat of... Read More

Starbucks Reserve flagship Portland store

The coffee snob that lives a hearty life inside me generally says “Starbucks” as much as Harry says “Voldemort.” But I am attracted to the only Starbucks in the world outside Seattle that is offering food, wine, and a different atmosphere from the Starbucks I fled years ago. This company has taken its lashes from this town. In SE Portland rocks were thrown through a shop’s windows, and the neighborhood rose such a... Read More

Oral histories of North South Portland

There are three very talented designers sitting with their hands in their laps among piles of cookies and hot tea poured in real mugs in North South Portland for the next few weeks. North South Portland isn’t meant to confuse you, Field Work sits on the Northern border of South Portland, and you should go visit. Justin Flood, Sarah Baugh, and Nicole Lavelle are crafting a visual representation of a region no one really knows about. They have... Read More

The locals are winning

It’s safe to say you’re on Flickr. Most of us are, but do you geotag your photos? I started to, then I realized it was pretty high maintenance (at least for me). Well if you’ve taken a photo in a major city in the last year and geotagged it, it’s likely that one of these blue or red dots is yours. Eric Fisher took it a step further, however, by organizing the photos into local vs. tourist photographs. The blue dots represent... Read More

Unknown PSU

For the longest time I’ve wanted to snoop around this enormous University that I’ve called home for about three years now. Nothing affords this better than a Sunday during summer session. A couple Sunday’s ago I took about four hours and went into 3 buildings I’ve never had a reason to venture into: Science building 1 & 2, and the interim XSB Music building. I found myself a full two stories underground, lurking in empty... Read More

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