The Dolomiti (Dolomite) Mountains

This year I’ve seen some road. Mostly in my home state of Oregon, but sometimes you’ve got to leave home in order to really see it better. Late in summer there was a small window for me to get into some serious overseas hiking, so I jumped at the chance to huff up some alpine paths, based on a photo I’d seen a couple years ago. Lloyd Winter showed it to me one day at work, and it had been haunting me ever since. It was taken in... Read More

The middle slice of Oregon

It’s been a while since I got out into the deep backwoods. When I heard I’d be staying near Klamath Falls this summer I realized it was the perfect chance to strap into some back country, rather than taking the predictable I-5 on the way back. What I discovered, OF COURSE, was another dimension. One that only tickled my interest. I still had to skip over the majority of the spectacular wonder that is Central Oregon. I mean, I didn’t... Read More

Armchair travel – North Africa

It is still the dark continent in many ways. Dark not in absence of light, but dark in a positive, mysterious and thrilling way. I’ve wanted to touch African soil my entire life, and some strange sequence of events lead me there this holiday season. Just the upper left corner of it, Saharan Morocco. This is a very image heavy post, and there are stories behind each image. But I can’t tell them here, I’ll let you fill in the rest. This... Read More

Canadian luggage tags & decals

Grabbing some fresh mountain air and incredible landscapes is usually enough. Coming home with luggage tags and decals only makes it more incredible. These socialists know how to make a take-away! Most people are familiar with the Chateau at Lake Louise, it’s such a huge icon of the Northwest. On this side of the country, however, most people have never seen or heard of Chateau Frontenac. It’s the worlds most photographed hotel and is... Read More