The Dolomiti (Dolomite) Mountains


This year I’ve seen some road. Mostly in my home state of Oregon, but sometimes you’ve got to leave home in order to really see it better. Late in summer there was a small window for me to get into some serious overseas hiking, so I jumped at the chance to huff up some alpine paths, based on a photo I’d seen a couple years ago. Lloyd Winter showed it to me one... Read More

Oregonians in Oregon

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been traveling Oregon. Getting in deep. Logging 1,400 miles here, 700 miles there, all running around the areas I know, some I don’t, all trying to dig out the feel of what this state really is. It’s hard to say, now. I mean it’s mostly desert, but what I’m getting at besides a physical description is that, I’m not... Read More

The middle slice of Oregon

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It’s been a while since I got out into the deep backwoods. When I heard I’d be staying near Klamath Falls this summer I realized it was the perfect chance to strap into some back country, rather than taking the predictable I-5 on the way back. What I discovered, OF COURSE, was another dimension. One that only tickled my interest. I still had to skip over the majority... Read More

Edits Quarterly


Ian Coyle starts Chapter 2 this way: “The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship.” – A. Earhart The quote on it’s own is stirring but coupling that with the realizationĀ that Earhart presumably died while pursuing... Read More

Armchair travel – North Africa

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It is still the dark continent in many ways. Dark not in absence of light, but dark in a positive, mysterious and thrilling way. I’ve wanted to touch African soil my entire life, and some strange sequence of events lead me there this holiday season. Just the upper left corner of it, Saharan Morocco. This is a very image heavy post, and there are stories behind each image.... Read More

Harney County, Oregon

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20 years ago I was taught how to birdwatch at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in extreme S.E. Oregon by a lovely couple named Ralph & Sharon. We rounded up the usual suspects of a wetland riparian area in the high scrub country of the Great Basin. Canvasback ducks, White Faced Ibis, Cattle Egrets, White Pelicans, the whole crew. We had special moments spotting a family of... Read More

Camille Seaman

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Is it fate or fortune that Camille’s last name is Seaman? It’s clear that her days are spent on the sea. Over the sea. Dreaming about the sea. But in particular a burden that the sea bears, that of icebergs. Her two galleries, The Last Icebergs, areĀ as haunting as the title. Her commentary on some of the ideas behind the way she approaches an iceberg is revealing and... Read More

The Labrador, a floating gallery

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It would be hard to imagine something more awesome than an art gallery on a boat. We’re not talking about a yacht, a skiff, or a retail pleasure craft. Imagine a WWII Naval vessel, that after the war went up to Dutch Harbor, Alaska to join the crabbing fleets of the frigid Bering Sea. It’s 135 feet long and weighs 200 tons, and casts a long shadow on all the boats in... Read More

Musicians at home in Portland

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I showed up to photograph these two artists, musicians & friends of the Fort, 2 hours earlier than scheduled on a recent Sunday morning. Samuel wasn’t home, Hannah was enjoying her Sunday. My mistake in timing was met with smiles, magazines, ginger tea, and an invitation to creep around their incredible shared house in NW Portland at my leisure. I did so, and now I think... Read More

USGS – Earth as art

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Nothing like some perspective on the place we call home. Especially on the cusp of NASA’s great announcement coming up on Thursday about extraterrestrial life (I know, it’s hard to take that sentence seriously). The images are extraordinary but I absolutely love the captions. I like to dig further and search YouTube & Vimeo for videos of some of these obscure locations.... Read More