Music contributor – Ryan A. Schowen mixtape

It’s been an age since we’ve done anything with music in the fort. Thank goodness Mr. Schowen descended upon Portland from sunny Alaska recently, and brought in tow his excellent taste in music. Ryan isn’t a new transplant, he’s lived here before, but now he’s here for reals, for keeps, and is enriching our fair city with a nearly finished doctorate in Political Philosophy. I do not know how this man finds some of these tracks, beyond trolling the... Read More

iPhone batch for you!

Alright well I’ve got a little batch for you, rather than doing a desktop wallpaper this time I’ve done some just for iPhone. I hope those without iPhone’s don’t feel left out, the desktop wallpapers I have in production right now are pretty high maintenance and I don’t know when I’ll be able to finish them up. Don’t feel left out, get a smart phone! Also, before I get into it, I have an official unofficial note. Note When this blog was... Read More

That particular Flying Pigeon

Sometimes you get an object in your life that is just so on-brand that every time you interact with it, it feels like the first time. Perhaps that’s the way 1/2 billion Chinese citizens feel when they hop on their Flying Pigeons every day? This bike is 61 years old this July 5. If an alien came to Earth and made a single request for “bike,” this would be the specimen given, based on number produced, and number in use today. Many of these bikes are handed down... Read More