Guest post – Honest Design

I’d like to introduce a friend of the FORT, one Ryan Bush – who has been instrumental in previous posts, playing an obscured role in the shadows of this blog. No more, we say! Ryan wrote a piece on what he sees happening to our craft, and I’ve a response of mine below if you care to hear it. If you’ve got beef with it, love for it, or are just here for the 1/2 priced cocktails, be sure to voice your fabulous opinion in the comments. Enjoy Honest Design. Honest... Read More

Camille Seaman

Is it fate or fortune that Camille’s last name is Seaman? It’s clear that her days are spent on the sea. Over the sea. Dreaming about the sea. But in particular a burden that the sea bears, that of icebergs. Her two galleries, The Last Icebergs, areĀ as haunting as the title. Her commentary on some of the ideas behind the way she approaches an iceberg is revealing and moving. As if bergs weren’t moving enough. She treats them like ancestors, family members,... Read More

Paper samurai

Eric Power is pretty prolific in his animations. His most recent is called Path of Blood and promises “more paper cuts than you can handle.” Hilarious. This animation is papercraft. Eric’s sense of humor comes out in the action of the delightful little film, and in the sound design. I even find myself chuckling at things that weren’t meant to be funny. Were they? The fish jumping in the river – the sound is way too small for the size of that thing. Anyway... Read More

Mi’kmaq legend

For the past few months I’ve really been enjoying a book by Ella Elizabeth Clark called Indian Legends of Canada. It was printed by McClelland and Stewart Limited in 1960, and reprinted in 1981, my birth year. I’m pretty sure new works wouldn’t include the word “Indian” in the title, they’d probably be more sensitive and use something like Native, Aboriginal, or First People’s. Regardless, the book is full of legends and stories beyond... Read More

Tien-Min Liao

Somehow I stumbled across the lovely work of an ambitious young designer from Taiwan now living in New York. This lady can cut, grid, and layout like a champ. One of her pieces is a book about her homeland and it is comprised of paper craft and information graphics. Bed fellows I’ve not seen too much of before. Tien-Min makes them look like they were made for each other. Tien-Min was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, and now is a graduate student at the Pratt Institute,... Read More

Where is Ai Wei Wei?

China’s most influential art figure is missing. Detained, likely, in a state facility, flipping off everyone who walks by him. His fame and accolades can now do little for him. Even a statement by Secretary Clinton is met with silence from the government that has detained Ai Wei Wei. His 100,000,000 porcelain seeds sit as silent as he does in Turbine hall at the Tate. As it stands, there are now 100,000,001 silent porcelain seeds waiting to be heard. Ai Wei Wei is no stranger... Read More