Poler opens a door in PDX

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I was hoping to be the first in line. A camper, in an iconic bright orange Poler tent pitched outside the flagship store, which opened today at 10AM, just a few blocks from my studio in NW Portland. I wasn’t the first there, I was actually among many thronging fans of the brand, eager to get my grimy mits on some adventure-inspired hats, tees, and a combination backpack/camera... Read More

40,000-piece textile archive

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It was an accident really that led me to Andrea Aranow. I was working in the Goldsmith Building in Chinatown when Caleb Sayan poked his head into the studio. He was looking for Jelly Helm. In his stead I followed Caleb up to to the fourth floor and caught my breath when I walked into what is the largest private textile archive in the world. Caleb mentioned that his mother, Andrea... Read More


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Well these two little videos will just make you want to give Kate Bingaman-Burt a sloppy wet kiss and or a bear hug. Especially when in the first video some serious textile drawers are opened. Aaron Britt at Dwell Magazine is knee-deep in a series on color called Full Spectrum which is being shot by Gary Nadeau. One part of this awesome little series takes place at the Albers... Read More

Atelier, Provocateur, lost talent


Before his death I wrote a little post on Alexander Mcqueen & his (tragically, final) womenswear show called Plato’s Atlantis. Still, I believe it was the best show I’ve ever seen in my life for a variety of reasons, but I never really mentioned him after he died. Lee Alexander Mcqueen has been an inspiration of mine since I first heard of him when Gianni Versace... Read More

Moncler Gamme Bleu SS 2011

First of all this was totally swiped from Eye Five Style, because we Portland bloggers need to stick together, and because the content of their feed is just scrumptious! Menswear galore, excellent commentary, thank you Zeus for giving us both in one spot. Alright Moncler Gamme Bleu, you and your square-cut ties can come over for tea and cookies any time, I will find room in... Read More

Skatebeard by Mr. Bingo

Alright Mr. Bingo, you are officially the master of the pen. They were right to call you that. Or, as HuntingLodge.no calls you, “the guv’nor.” Mr. Bingo was kind enough to share his in-process bearding of the skate deck, which is just as cool as the finished product. I feel like I’d hang all five in my home, the partial-bearded decks being so interesting... Read More

Put This On

This post is a bit dude centric for which I apologize. From time to time I find myself wandering the internet looking for fashion inspiration. Some of my favorites to date are A Continuous Lean, Definitive Touch, and Nerd Boyfriend. In my search for the new hotness I ran across Put This On. Put this on is a new men’s fashion show available through Vimeo and blog run by... Read More

André Paul Pinces

Lurking around HMAb I became befuddled and charmed by a cute little post on André Paul Pinces. Later, on his site, I found three of his films he’s done as look books for clothing labels. More charm. You may recall an earlier post where I shared a similar approach to a clothing label and their upcoming collections. My point of view is that these are much more effective... Read More

New Always with Honor Tshirt

Fellow Portland designers Always with Honor have just released the 3rd edition of their Animal Tshirt series.  A mighty fine looking moose if I don’t say so. Get yours here.  Read More

Department of Silly

Rummaging through DJ Bunny Ear’s tweets I came across Sir Paul Smith and his department of silly. What is even more lovely though is the look at some of his fabric books. If you’re a fabric fiend, you may need to buckle in for this one. There are some downright gorgeous swatches in this clip. Brace yourself. Sir Smith has been a muse of mine for years, his affordable... Read More