Ellen McFadden

My graphic design education effectively began on Flickr. Class critiques were conducted there, and it was the first place that I really started to explore all the ways that people were communicating visually. It was on Flickr that I also began to explore design history, and started to connect the dots between the graphic trends of the moment and the masters that these trends were emulating. It was also around this time that a professor introduced me to Ellen McFadden’s Flickr... Read More

40,000-piece textile archive

It was an accident really that led me to Andrea Aranow. I was working in the Goldsmith Building in Chinatown when Caleb Sayan poked his head into the studio. He was looking for Jelly Helm. In his stead I followed Caleb up to to the fourth floor and caught my breath when I walked into what is the largest private textile archive in the world. Caleb mentioned that his mother, Andrea Aranow, was flying in from New York in a few weeks and what started as an act of curiosity ended... Read More