Happy Memorial Day from FORTPORT

It’s easy while chowing at a BBQ or sitting at a parade to forget why we have Memorial Day. We’ve been celebrating this day officially since 1866 after the Civil War. It is observed to honor those who have died in defense & service of our nation—those who died in combat, on foreign shores, away from their families, sometimes with no grave. I honor you, brave people. We owe all we have to your bravery, stoicism, and selflessness. Thank you. Utmost respect, Aaron... Read More

‘Haters’, forgiveness for M.I.A.?

M.I.A. is a hot mess, we are all too familiar with that latest “video” that caused such a kurfuffle on the internet. And theres more involving the latest face-off between M.I.A. and a journalist misrepresenting her during an interview, and yes, what kind of french fries she was eating. I really don’t care about all this, but I do care about what I am hearing with her new song Haters. Is it good enough for me to forgive M.I.A.—probably. I just hope she is able... Read More

Making/ crafting/ building

What a timely video. I found myself furiously sawing wood panels on my dining table in my kitchen yesterday, spreading dust everywhere. What I wouldn’t give for a proper shop! This video follows the creation of a Corvo Chair from lumber to finished elegance. Shouldn’t he be wearing gloves? It’s almost like he is using affection to finish the chair near the end—I love his slow, methodical movements! Speaking of making/crafting/building things, friend of the... Read More

Hvass & Hannibal

Hvass&Hannibal is a multi-disciplinary arts and design studio based in Copenhagen. I found these guys via Baubauhaus and am swooning over their work. It looks like they work with musicians quite a bit—but I really appreciate the craft they put into their work. Check out that folded piece up there! I have a paper-gangster friend who would just squeal over such a thing. It looks SO GREAT once they photographed it! Putting that much human touch & love into a project is... Read More

Best Made Pocket Axes

Best Made Axes has released a new collection of Pocket Axes which according to the site are constructed with “hickory, steel, and sex appeal.” At 95$ a piece they are a bit more affordable than their full sized counterparts and just as beautiful. There’s something magical about Best Made Axes that I have yet to put my finger on. Maybe I’ll have to buy one to try solve the mystery. I think that I’d get more work done with one of these hanging on the... Read More


Thanks to the Vimeo HD Channel I now have a new free album from a solid group here on the West Coast. These guys hail from San Francisco and first caught my attention with their music video for a song called Untitled/Dark Divider. It is shot with a Canon 5D Mark II camera in a variety of locations – I’m proud to see Oregon + The Columbia River Gorge on here! Those are my spots! In addition there are some stunning shots of Yosemite, Prague, and Japan, among others.... Read More

Nature’s Assasin – A Tetrology

Becoming is an acclaimed, visually stunning short film that is part of a tetrology by Ayelen Liberona. The fist shot is so incredible when the main character emerges from a stream. The rest is just odd + incredible. It’s a little scary, partly disturbing, but so very well done. I love the contortion, gestures, and movements of the assassin. I’ve never seen a human move like that before! Well, that’s the point, right? She’s not human. From the director: “Nature’s... Read More

FORTPORT Summertime ‘Stache-stravaganza

Ok gents (or ladies, who knows) – wanna grow a ‘stache? Now is the time – look we’ve already started. Ben sports the ever classy half bar, and Aaron goes for it with a full handle. It’s important that we stick together, you never know when things are gonna get scrappy. See you around, Ben + Aaron  Read More

Sleigh Bells

I got my first snippet of Sleigh Bells from a Pitchfork best-of playlist and have been using it as a crutch ever since. I’m pretty sure we can expect great things from these two, an ex-school teacher and a rocker dude. They are difficult to categorize, using distorted looped beats and abrupt guitar-smashing bridges and almost irritating vocals. Who knew that was a recipe for success? I just haven’t heard this sort of thing before, it doesn’t sound random or... Read More

Design Speaks with Frank Chimero

Last week the ever trusty (why? not sure) Frank Chimero was hosted by the Portland chapter of AIGA at their periodic Design Speaks lecture series. He spent the perfect amount of time setting up his case for squishy, human + value-centered design rather than design that is sleek, stylish, and meant to aide rampant consumerism. Eric Hillerns was kind enough to grant all of Franks students free passage to the event so we showed up to support him and his choice of cardigan for the... Read More