Invisible Creature with Don Clark

Two cities, two houses of design, one community. The Spit Swap has happened, and not only was it informative/inspiring/radical, it was engaging. Here’s the thing with being engaged, it leaves you better prepared to create things worth sharing than passive involvement. I never feel like I just attend a Designspeaks talk. They actively engage, so in fact I’m paying a few bucks to get mobilized. It’s a briefing, if you will, on what... Read More

The Spit Swap – Aaron Draplin & Invisible Creature

Design community oriented events usually satisfy our urges to see our kind in a condensed time & space, almost an excuse to see each other away from our screens, drink in hand, and in our socks, so-to-speak. There are very few¬†occasions¬†however where this is accompanied by the ability to see great work, hear magnetic speakers, and get stuffed with inspiration. This phenomenon is called Designspeaks. I have a special relationship with Designspeaks.... Read More

Design Speaks with Frank Chimero

Last week the ever trusty (why? not sure) Frank Chimero was hosted by the Portland chapter of AIGA at their periodic Design Speaks lecture series. He spent the perfect amount of time setting up his case for squishy, human + value-centered design rather than design that is sleek, stylish, and meant to aide rampant consumerism. Eric Hillerns was kind enough to grant all of Franks students free passage to the event so we showed up to support him and... Read More