Inspiring Northern architecture

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Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is an imposing figure in his field. His creations become famous before he even draws plans for them. We’ve got a few of his pieces on this continent, morphing geometric creatures done largely in white, and Canada is home to his newest work. Buried in ice and snow this time of year, Calgary’s residents are probably not doing much... Read More

Urban Exploration


When I was a kid the small logging town I lived in was in decline, or had at least stagnated economically. The once booming timber industry had dried up and only one of the three mills that had once driven the local economy was running full time. This is not to say that I lived in a ghost town, far from it. However all around were markers of times of plenty that had long since passed.... Read More

Automotive furniture


Autostella is a showroom for the new Fiat 500 being sold in Thailand. Well, new as in it was built in 2009. The showroom designers decided to neglect the sort of space that highlights the cars features, and instead opted for an intimate cafe feeling. These cars look like little sofas in this setting! Just checking these out I’m certain I’d just want to move-in. Rather... Read More

Josef Shulz


Mr. Shultz works out of charming Düsseldorf and is one of the best architectural photographers I have ever seen. It’s impossible to tear my eyes away. Ok let’s get this straight, this isn’t easy. To make an enormous object like a building look wafer thin, or chunkier than it is, or to appear completely foreign to its background is so precise a skill that I can’t... Read More

From Where We Stand – Portland Masjid


Islamic Center of Portland Dr. Cornel West recently said I like to be multi-contextual, which is much more important than being multicultural. I read that only a day before I visited a Mosque (Masjid) for the first time in my life. This was a heartwood trip. I’ve heard the call to prayer (Adhan) for years, I’ve even had a widget on my home computer blare out the call... Read More

Harrier and Jaguar

This exhibition in the Tate Britain by Fiona Banner is really stunning. Both jets that are used in the piece were used in battle in the Gulf and Bosnia. They remind me of taxidermied animals. Both are wild and dangerous and could kill you in a million ways but have been reduced to nothing more than decoration. I wish I could get to London to go see them! Besides all the emotions... Read More

9-Hour Hotel

I’ve always known about those little capsule-like hotel rooms in Japan, but I’ve never seen one in action. This place is so super stark + self-explanatory. I think I’d like it? The name though would make me nervous—once I checked in I’d be thinking “ok I’ve got 8 hours and 35 minutes left.” I’m not sure I’d sleep well on... Read More

Coast Modern + Build

Build has created this limited edition poster for the film Coast Modern (trailer below). Sized at 33 1/8″ x 23 7/16″ and printed on 100lb Topkote stock in Pantone 806, it is a complete slice of the west coast of the US + Vancouver, Canada. What a color choice, what a coastline. I’m proud to be on this coast, in one of the little blips where the Columbia River slices into... Read More

From Where We Stand No.2

Shipman Beach  |  Sage Warner Is there really anything wrong with feeling insignificant? Let me tell you about a place called Shipman Beach. Shipman is located in Puna, on the windward side of the Big Island of Hawaii; a region where using the water caught on your roof to do dishes is not a choice made for environmental reasons, but rather because your neighborhood lacks basic... Read More

From Where We Stand: FORTPORT calls for submissions!

This post marks the beginning of a new series entitled From Where we Stand. Through these articles we will attempt to explore the spaces that have an effect on us and share the emotions and memories to which they are attached. Our first submission comes from our friend Jay Winfrey who was also the mastermind behind this new segment. Jay is a musician, designer, craftsman and all... Read More