Op Art Modernist case study, Burton Kramer

Most well known for his iconic, geometric, and order-based mark used for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Burton Kramers’ work spans just over five decades, two continents, and too many design trends to count. Despite such a large breadth of time designing, Mr. Kramer has remained a seminal figure in Optical Art, modernist theory, and logic-based reasoning applied to design solutions. And then there is the beauty of his work, which rips... Read More

Vignelli gets on it

This spot is like sitting down in a comfy $15,000 leather Vignelli couch. You may want to stretch out on it, and you will most certainly be left wanting more of it in your life. Obviously well-timed for the opening of the Vignelli Center for Design Studies at RIT, the spot (below) is full to the brim of quotable quips from the modern master, which is expected from a man with as many years of experience in any field. He has mentioned a few things... Read More

Coast Modern + Build

Build has created this limited edition poster for the film Coast Modern (trailer below). Sized at 33 1/8″ x 23 7/16″ and printed on 100lb Topkote stock in Pantone 806, it is a complete slice of the west coast of the US + Vancouver, Canada. What a color choice, what a coastline. I’m proud to be on this coast, in one of the little blips where the Columbia River slices into the Oregon territory. The poster is a limited edition, though there... Read More