Automotive furniture

Autostella is a showroom for the new Fiat 500 being sold in Thailand. Well, new as in it was built in 2009. The showroom designers decided to neglect the sort of space that highlights the cars features, and instead opted for an intimate cafe feeling. These cars look like little sofas in this setting! Just checking these out I’m certain I’d just want to move-in. Rather than an exhibit that would make the cars look larger than they are,... Read More

Josef Shulz

Mr. Shultz works out of charming Düsseldorf and is one of the best architectural photographers I have ever seen. It’s impossible to tear my eyes away. Ok let’s get this straight, this isn’t easy. To make an enormous object like a building look wafer thin, or chunkier than it is, or to appear completely foreign to its background is so precise a skill that I can’t quite fathom his process. He repeatedly performs these feats... Read More

Coast Modern + Build

Build has created this limited edition poster for the film Coast Modern (trailer below). Sized at 33 1/8″ x 23 7/16″ and printed on 100lb Topkote stock in Pantone 806, it is a complete slice of the west coast of the US + Vancouver, Canada. What a color choice, what a coastline. I’m proud to be on this coast, in one of the little blips where the Columbia River slices into the Oregon territory. The poster is a limited edition, though there... Read More