Words from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik

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It’s ok to feel intimidated by that first name of hers, Inuk language families are largely foreign to Western tongues. Taqralik (tuk-rul-ick) is from the extreme north of Quebec, Kuujjuaq to be exact, but she now lives in Montreal. She’s been writing and performing for over 6 years and 4 of her tracks can be heard on her myspace. Her performances are right up there... Read More

Oral histories of North South Portland

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There are three very talented designers sitting with their hands in their laps among piles of cookies and hot tea poured in real mugs in North South Portland for the next few weeks. North South Portland isn’t meant to confuse you, Field Work sits on the Northern border of South Portland, and you should go visit. Justin Flood, Sarah Baugh, and Nicole Lavelle are crafting a... Read More


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Man it’s been a while since I’ve written anything about music, or uploaded a playlist. That is to mean I haven’t had anything to say about the subject until I decided to spend a moment on Typhoon. Sparked, the other day, when I saw the band arrive (largely) intact into a dimly lit cinema where I was sitting and I realized, these people are in my life, why haven’t... Read More

Rick Moranis is a writer?

The following is an op-ed piece contributed to NYT by Rick Moranis. Can I only assume this is the Rick Moranis we know and love from all those honey-I/shrinksy movies I grew up on? My gut tells me yes, probably because I want him to be a brilliant writer now. Decide for yourself, but read this in his voice:  Read More

Miami, FL 6220 Miles // Zach’s Road

Before I get into the poem I’ve selected from Zach’s work I’d like to comment on his photographs lately. It is getting harder and harder to decide which ones to pull from his collections. I find myself falling into more and more of them, perhaps his photographic voice is becoming parallel with his poetic voice? Have they merged? After 6,220 miles, it would be... Read More

Chicago, ILL 4840 miles // Zach’s Road

I found a group of hollowed-out opera singers growing trees inside themselves. They were all wearing red flannel. When I looked inside one, there was a perfectly functional ecosystem, some birds, some fire. When I looked inside another, there was a smaller opera singer, and inside him was a lumberjack, sharply dressed, hollowing out a tree. Excerpt from The Man Suit by Zachary... Read More

Lewisburg, PENN 3960 Miles // Zach’s Road

First of all Zach is moving very quickly. In the past week he’s bounced from Queens to Atlantic City, Princeton to Philly. I love the mix of images here. Zach seems like one who would casually sip coffee at a cemetery. There was a time in my life when I lived in the burbs that I took my lunches at a local graveyard. It was nice, quiet, and heavy. The 10% that was creepy/odd... Read More

Bronxville NY 3385 Miles // Zach’s Road

This time on Zach’s Road the poem is coming in the form of one of Mr. Schomburg’s poem films. He has his own Vimeo channel from where you can browse these little numbers. I highly recommend rummaging through these, they will set your day right as rain. Beyond the brilliance of setting poetry to short film, Zach has crafted little worlds to surround his verse that... Read More

St. Louis 2326 Miles // Zach’s Road

I found a black hole behind the abandoned hotel. When I pushed you into it you just kept falling right there at its infinite lip. You looked like the second hand of a clock without a clock. You looked like an arm uncrossing. OOOOOOOOOO OOO That’s the sound you made. Excerpt from Scary, No Scary by Zachary Schomburg. Info about this road-borne poetry series here. Zach is... Read More

Denver 1446 Miles // Zach’s Road

I suppose I should tell you I’ve finally been fired from the globe factory. I’d been putting beaches in North Dakota for two months. Before that, it was mountains. When I was on map duty, I put a fairground next to our neighborhood. I thought it would help. I could have spent an entire week there painting your face. Remember when I took you to see Kansas City? That... Read More