Urban Exploration

When I was a kid the small logging town I lived in was in decline, or had at least stagnated economically. The once booming timber industry had dried up and only one of the three mills that had once driven the local economy was running full time. This is not to say that I lived in a ghost town, far from it. However all around were markers of times of plenty that had long since passed. The site where the one grocery store now rests was once the train stop, where several trains... Read More

Desktop Wallpaper, Whales of Oregon

Whales, medium ones, that live in Oregon. This is what the new desktop screenspace from FORTPORT looks like. 3 friendly medium-sized giants, categorized for your desktop! Actually there are quite a few whales that call Oregon home, but these three spoke to me in particular. They’re almost all exactly the same size, and also happened to fit nicely together on screen. I’ve got several sizes for you, including iPad & iPhone, just in case you want to get mobile with... Read More

The Answer, lightning equals life

It starts as just another rather unassuming Vimeo HD short film until you hear this man speak. Ray Winstone was in his yard in Hammersmith as a young man when he was struck by lightning. He survived, and this film literally explodes within his description of how incredible living is now that he’s been spared. It will knock your socks off, shoot through you, and infect your brains. And in just six minutes! Just things that happen, you know. I was a teenage kid, 1974, 17... Read More

Atelier, Provocateur, lost talent

Before his death I wrote a little post on Alexander Mcqueen & his (tragically, final) womenswear show called Plato’s Atlantis. Still, I believe it was the best show I’ve ever seen in my life for a variety of reasons, but I never really mentioned him after he died. Lee Alexander Mcqueen has been an inspiration of mine since I first heard of him when Gianni Versace was murdered outside his Miami home in 1997. He mentioned that he thought a house should die with its... Read More


A great project out of our own Portland, OR. Velosynth is just what it sounds like a synthesizer controlled by your bicycle. In it’s most basic form the synthesizer is controlled by the speed of your bike, however, the most exciting part of this project for me is the fact that the hardware is completely open source! Meaning users are encouraged to modify the device however they like as long as the allow others to build upon what they have done. I’m excited to see... Read More

Jeff Swartz, Honor is in the source

The yellow Timberland boot. The American boot, as hard working as Carharts, shearling, and blue jeans. Almost an artifact, the archetype that has not wavered or changed in style since the current CEO Jeff Swartz’ grandfather began the company. In 1960, the family company introduced innovative injection-molding technology which allowed for nearly 100% waterproof boots by attaching the soles to the leather tops without any stitching. This is craft! Craft that has been wildly... Read More

Andy + Natsuko, In Search of This World

This post is long overdue. But since these guys are opening a show this Thursday, let’s pretend my tardiness was planned. I’d love to introduce two talented designers calling our grey city home. Andrew and Natsuko met while studying graphic design at Portland State University and have a show for you. It’s awesome, they let me squeak in for a sneak peek. Here are the show details: The Littman Gallery (1825 SW Broadway, Portland) hosts Andrew Indrisie and Natsuko... Read More

Automotive furniture

Autostella is a showroom for the new Fiat 500 being sold in Thailand. Well, new as in it was built in 2009. The showroom designers decided to neglect the sort of space that highlights the cars features, and instead opted for an intimate cafe feeling. These cars look like little sofas in this setting! Just checking these out I’m certain I’d just want to move-in. Rather than an exhibit that would make the cars look larger than they are, the space actually hems them... Read More

Tyler Gray makes Red Baron

This is a process post, and can I just scream out loud I love seeing process? It feels so secret, so intimate, like you’re peeking behind the curtain that is off limits. Alright first of all Westside Studio is a collective of photographers based in Toronto, and within that Tyler Gray shared his process for a Red Baron Beer ad. Excellent! From the Westside blog: I received a call from Jason Goncalves at Play Advertising back in April to shoot a summer ad campaign for Red... Read More