Scale of the universal


Alright what a week. I’ve been sleeping very little and working very much, which has produced a quantity of inane babbling in my head, so I hope this post doesn’t end up and the category of ‘what was he thinking!’ Universal. Universe. Univers (ha, just kidding, no more type jokes Aaron). Isn’t it interesting that the word universe can mean everything... Read More



A great project out of our own Portland, OR. Velosynth is just what it sounds like a synthesizer controlled by your bicycle. In it’s most basic form the synthesizer is controlled by the speed of your bike, however, the most exciting part of this project for me is the fact that the hardware is completely open source! Meaning users are encouraged to modify the device however... Read More


Math! header

I’ve seen Nikki Graziano‘s Found Function project here and there for quite a while now, and every time I run across it, it stops me in my tracks. The images alone are striking and the mathematic observations she makes are both surprising, playful, and precise.  I like the way she looks for order in apparent chaos, and her presentation is spot on. While not exactly... Read More

Powells blitzkrieg

For those of you that are lucky enough to live in Portland, you know the program. I looked at my image library at home and realized it needed some refreshments. There is only on place. There is only one holy land. Powells Books. Here is what I found, all came from the Orange Room, in and around section 675, Nature Studies, in case you’d like similar publications on your shelf... Read More

Visualizing Science

A good friend of mine emailed me these and they are just too intense not to share. It appears there are some specs and some actual photographs mixed in here, but the description is where the SLAM happens. Love it when my brain hurts. Hurts so good. Biomimicry has been an interest of mine for a while, particularly in architecture. I suppose it’s funny for an organic creature... Read More

Space Collective

While I was trolling Cargo Collective today (as I’m want to do) I ran across the profile of Superfamous Studios who developed the Cargo Collective content management system. According to their site Cargo Collective was built on the systems the team had set up to run their prior project which look really interesting. is a ground breaking participatory... Read More