I’ve seen Nikki Graziano‘s Found Function project here and there for quite a while now, and every time I run across it, it stops me in my tracks. The images alone are striking and the mathematic observations she makes are both surprising, playful, and precise.  I like the way she looks for order in apparent chaos, and her presentation is spot on.

While not exactly math these images also fall under the “order from chaos” umbrella. Taking famous moments from sport (many brought back great memories of watching these events take place as a kid) and exploring all the detail that was captured within them, an image is worth a thousand words and all that. I like these because they break down all the things that make these images emotional for so many people. Built into many of these images are our understanding and judgements concerning each athlete both as a professional and a public figure. It is interesting to see someone expose some of the messages that those who have followed these athletes understand intuitively. In addition, alot of the comments are just plain funny.

For the life of my I cannot find a source for the next set of images they have been passed around so man times on so many nameless blogs and image sharing sites that they have been separated from their owners! If you know who made these please leave a comment and I’ll edit the post to give credit.

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