The locals are winning

It’s safe to say you’re on Flickr. Most of us are, but do you geotag your photos? I started to, then I realized it was pretty high maintenance (at least for me). Well if you’ve taken a photo in a major city in the last year and geotagged it, it’s likely that one of these blue or red dots is yours. Eric Fisher took it a step further, however, by organizing the photos into local vs. tourist photographs. The blue dots represent... Read More


I’ve seen Nikki Graziano‘s Found Function project here and there for quite a while now, and every time I run across it, it stops me in my tracks. The images alone are striking and the mathematic observations she makes are both surprising, playful, and precise.  I like the way she looks for order in apparent chaos, and her presentation is spot on. While not exactly math these images also fall under the “order from chaos”... Read More

Oregon screenspace!

Driving home through Deschutes, Jefferson, and Clackamas counties yesterday I realized I wasn’t quite sure about all the counties in our fair state. After checking out the internet, there isn’t really a map that makes me want to learn more about them, so why not make one? Here’s a little prize from FORTPORT! I also learned our motto: Alis volat Propriis which means “She flies with her own wings.” This was a great way... Read More