The locals are winning

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It’s safe to say you’re on Flickr. Most of us are, but do you geotag your photos? I started to, then I realized it was pretty high maintenance (at least for me). Well if you’ve taken a photo in a major city in the last year and geotagged it, it’s likely that one of these blue or red dots is yours. Eric Fisher took it a step further, however, by organizing... Read More

Flickr says Hello

Flickr is reaching out. I was just reading about their new Hello, India group that allows users to post that one image that ecompases the idea of India. Wether you’re a native or a traveler, well I’ll let them explain: “If you live in India or have been lucky enough to have traveled there, we’d love to see that one photo that you feel encompasses what India... Read More

Group Love – fire forts

Fire stations. Most of them are historic, and most of them you can stay in for free. I love the fact that these places are so remote that no one really knows they are there, but often they are full of all our creature comforts. Well, some more than others. Ridiculous locations, even more ridiculous views. Just a few of the oldies are in this cute little set. Imagine waking up to... Read More

Group love – flirty Russians

Phase 3! (ok let’s stop counting) 1400+ Russian postcards. I love Russia. I love postcards. Good thing there is a Flickr group called Russia on Postcards! And here are my two absolute favorites. I hope I don’t have to explain myself. But I will. The frame on this first one is just so. intense. And the sparkling horses, I just can’t tear my eyes away. I bet... Read More

Group love – etched out

Phase 2 of group love! Wood engravings, nothing more to be said. God love you, Flickr. Many available in respectable resolution – Vintage Engravings, Etchings, Lithographs & Wood-block prints  Read More

Group love – Flick it

Alright this is the beginning. I will do the heavy lifting and find you some groups on Flickr that you need to be a part of, or at least know about. Also side note, I was told the other day that the results that come up in a Google search are rumored to represent about 1% of the information on the internet. So put that in your pipe, and then bring it to the pipe smokers lounge on... Read More