The locals are winning

It’s safe to say you’re on Flickr. Most of us are, but do you geotag your photos? I started to, then I realized it was pretty high maintenance (at least for me). Well if you’ve taken a photo in a major city in the last year and geotagged it, it’s┬álikely┬áthat one of these blue or red dots is yours. Eric Fisher took it a step further, however, by organizing the photos into local vs. tourist photographs. The blue dots represent... Read More

Jonathan Harris

I was introduced today to Jonathan Harris, by way of his work on Whale Hunt (more on that later). This is Mr. Harris’ explanation of himself: So this is what is called a hook. Oh right, speaking of hooks, big effective hooks, I am delighted by his work in Alaska documenting a whale hunt. This is documentation like you’ve never seen before. Jonathan has spoken more than once at TED and his other projects include topics that mine the... Read More