Musicians at home in Portland

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I showed up to photograph these two artists, musicians & friends of the Fort, 2 hours earlier than scheduled on a recent Sunday morning. Samuel wasn’t home, Hannah was enjoying her Sunday. My mistake in timing was met with smiles, magazines, ginger tea, and an invitation to creep around their incredible shared house in NW Portland at my leisure. I did so, and now I think... Read More

Music contributor – Ryan A. Schowen mixtape

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It’s been an age since we’ve done anything with music in the fort. Thank goodness Mr. Schowen descended upon Portland from sunny Alaska recently, and brought in tow his excellent taste in music. Ryan isn’t a new transplant, he’s lived here before, but now he’s here for reals, for keeps, and is enriching our fair city with a nearly finished doctorate... Read More

Røyksopp album art

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Following Røyksopp for ten years is wildly rewarding. Prior to being fully connected via iTunes, I remember standing in a music store in the suburbs deciding which album to buy in the “world electro” section. Obviously if you follow these guys you know they blow that section away and deserve a title of their own. Even comparing them to their compatriots they’re... Read More

music: Fang Island & Gobble Gobble

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GOBBLE GOBBLE Time for some music! Alright let me just say I’m not a fan of house parties. The only exception are Ben’s house parties, because they are civilized by way of Bulleit Bourbon and other choice spirits. And excellent music, like this video above. I WANT to be in that room. I’m certain it smells to high heaven of human, but come on, live indie electro?... Read More

Philippe Jaroussky sounds like an angel

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is name is probably the easiest to misspell in the Western world, but you will be rewarded for remembering it. Philippe Jaroussky is a French countertenor that has been the object of much attention for a peculiar talent he possesses. He can sing like a woman. Well, in fact, he can sing how the Angel Gabriel probably sang at the age of 10. Do angels age? Anyway, Mr. Jaroussky has... Read More


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Man it’s been a while since I’ve written anything about music, or uploaded a playlist. That is to mean I haven’t had anything to say about the subject until I decided to spend a moment on Typhoon. Sparked, the other day, when I saw the band arrive (largely) intact into a dimly lit cinema where I was sitting and I realized, these people are in my life, why haven’t... Read More

Stan Rogers


Stan Rogers wasn’t born in the Maritimes but it’s fair to say that they claim him. Early in his life he spent summers and formative years in Nova Scotia which greatly influenced his musical career and point of view on the world, singing epic love songs to the life, myth, and grandeur of a life at sea. The influence of the maritime tradition is held by many Canadians,... Read More

Caribou, Florence + The Machine


We all know and love Caribou’s latest album by now. Their video for Sun has probably been seen or heard of, but in case you missed it here it is in its dream-like glory. I love these women! They are total art moms partying after a gala at the academy. The soul patrol group that comes in with Kid n’ Play hair and incredible sneaks are such a fantastic mix with the art... Read More

Vidz for your ears or eyes

Isn’t it nice not to need explanations sometimes? Here are four vids spanning music, art, film, and craft without any explanation. Just freaking hit play. Thanks Yasly + Vimeo Discover  Read More

Waiting featuring Jay Kauffman

From ForumFiftyFive: Music video for the acoustic version of “Waiting” by My Robot Friend (featuring Jay Kauffman). Directed by Liam Stevens of MakeMake Studio, this stop motion animation is made entirely of pencil & cut paper and took just over three months to complete. Production and technical assistance; Chris Tozer. This is so incredible—it actually makes... Read More