Put This On

This post is a bit dude centric for which I apologize. From time to time I find myself wandering the internet looking for fashion inspiration. Some of my favorites to date are A Continuous Lean, Definitive Touch, and Nerd Boyfriend. In my search for the new hotness I ran across Put This On. Put this on is a new men’s fashion show available through Vimeo and blog run by Jesse Thorn and Adam Lisagor, who’s girlfriend runs the aforementioned Nerd Boyfriend. The show... Read More

Dominik Kruger

Dominik Kruger is a Portland-based designer + photographer. He caught my eye because I know these landscapes and how heavily they are photographed. It can be difficult to take a camera with you to places that are so heavily covered already in greeting cards, calendars and web headers. These scapes though feel like they’ve never been seen before. Especially this last one – can I call it out as Silver Falls south of Portland? I could be wrong, at first glance I thought... Read More

Polaroid SX-70, just stop it

No way. The flute, the narration, the 10 minute Polaroid ad! It’s so scientific and dreamy! I’d like to play this ad as my eulogy, thank you very much. Polaroid, why are you so smooth? I actually had this same model as a teenager, a gift from my father. I used to love how it would pop open – it looked like a spy device. I totally swiped this vid from F Yeah! Art.  Read More

M.I.A. censored on YouTube

First of all I thought M.I.A. announced she had retired? Clearly that is not the case, and she’s made it loud and clear with the release of her new single, Born Free. Available steaming for free on her site. I’ve decided to not embed the video for it here on the blog. Perhaps it’s because it’s before 8am, but it’s one of the more violent/graphic music videos I’ve ever seen. Although now that I think of it, it’s no worse than any R-rated... Read More

Lewisburg, PENN 3960 Miles // Zach’s Road

First of all Zach is moving very quickly. In the past week he’s bounced from Queens to Atlantic City, Princeton to Philly. I love the mix of images here. Zach seems like one who would casually sip coffee at a cemetery. There was a time in my life when I lived in the burbs that I took my lunches at a local graveyard. It was nice, quiet, and heavy. The 10% that was creepy/odd is what kept me coming back. My friends humored me one hot summer evening when we sipped beer at... Read More

Bronxville NY 3385 Miles // Zach’s Road

This time on Zach’s Road the poem is coming in the form of one of Mr. Schomburg’s poem films. He has his own Vimeo channel from where you can browse these little numbers. I highly recommend rummaging through these, they will set your day right as rain. Beyond the brilliance of setting poetry to short film, Zach has crafted little worlds to surround his verse that highlight and intoxicate. Zach, you are so far away from home right now! Once done, I suppose you’re... Read More

Mashed Taters – Viviane + Robyn

Alright here’s the story. I wasn’t feeling well today so I spent a ton of time rummaging around strangers’ blogs, jumping down rabbit holes and basically getting lost on the internet. These mashed taters are the result. My web history today shows about 500 pages visited since this morning, so I hope these taters taste GOOOOOD. First up – the soundtrack to this post, None of Dem by Robyn, produced by Röyksopp Viviane Sassen’s photographs smack... Read More

Come On Back Home – Mixtape!

DOWNLOAD Come On Back Home – a FORTPORT Mixtape You know that feeling when you go back to your old room in your parents house. Perhaps it’s been converted to a craft room, or a guest room. The warm white sheets, the stale teenager smell, which is basically your lingering scent from years ago. The feeling of a nap coming on. This mixtape is what that sounds like – from the drive there, to kicking your shoes off and walking around your parents house in socks.... Read More

Great images from Icelandic volcano

All from Denver Post Global air traffic is disrupted for an unknown amount of time, millions of dollars are lost daily, all due to one little eruption and some killer wind patterns. Nature’s big fu to thinking we’re on top of things in 2010. Good perspective. Ash + wind are all it takes to keep us grounded. Duly noted.  Read More

The sound of Yup’ik

Alright so friend of the Fort Lloyd Eugene Winter IV suggested I add this here – and I have an audio file to accompany this post so let’s roll with it. A couple weeks ago the Oregon Humanities were nice enough to publish a few of my words on their blog about an experience I had listening to an Inuit man speak to me in his native Yup’ik language. I’ll just quote a couple descriptive parts here, and link to the article later if you want to catch it. “His... Read More