Inspiring Northern architecture

Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is an imposing figure in his field. His creations become famous before he even draws plans for them. We’ve got a few of his pieces on this continent, morphing geometric creatures done largely in white, and Canada is home to his newest work. Buried in ice and snow this time of year, Calgary’s residents are probably not doing much biking or pedestrian-ing, but in 2011 they will have a new way to cross the Bow River into downtown.... Read More

Oral histories of North South Portland

There are three very talented designers sitting with their hands in their laps among piles of cookies and hot tea poured in real mugs in North South Portland for the next few weeks. North South Portland isn’t meant to confuse you, Field Work sits on the Northern border of South Portland, and you should go visit. Justin Flood, Sarah Baugh, and Nicole Lavelle are crafting a visual representation of a region no one really knows about. They have handled the oral histories of... Read More

Pictographs by Eggertsson

Well travelled, heavily awarded, born in 1984, and the pride of Iceland, Siggi Eggertsson has more g’s in his name than anyone you will ever know. Siggie says that work has always been his hobby. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say it quite like that before. Usually around these parts we get the line “do what you love/love what you do” – but thinking of work as your hobby makes complete sense. I think I prefer that line. OK back to Siggi... Read More

Røyksopp album art

Following Røyksopp for ten years is wildly rewarding. Prior to being fully connected via iTunes, I remember standing in a music store in the suburbs deciding which album to buy in the “world electro” section. Obviously if you follow these guys you know they blow that section away and deserve a title of their own. Even comparing them to their compatriots they’re usually lumped with in the Bergen Wave, Røyksopp defies grouping. So there I stood, rocking back... Read More

Iqaluit cultural mural

Looks like Alexa Hatanaka, Patrick Thompson, and Jonathon Cruz took 9 days painting something incredible way up in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada recently outside the Qikiqtani General Hospital. I cannot believe the amount of detail shown here, and the cultural significance of the subjects. It’s so enthralling and intricate, I would love to be on a project like this. Associated with the project is this awesome firm based in Iqaluit called Nuschool. Iqaluit has a graphic design... Read More