Bay of Pigs

Alright so I found this playlist over at 160/90 called For Your Pleasure, 2009. One track in particular has been slapping me in the face for days now, I just can’t stop listening! Perhaps it’s the length, it’s 14 minutes. Which may mean no one is going to listen. For the one that does, just prepare for the equivalent of peyote in your ears. Listen, Bay of Pigs: (I’d host it here, track is too big for my picky blog) From 160/90: At this point Dan Bejar’s... Read More

Wes Anderson Acceptance Speech

When The National Board of Review awarded Wes  Anderson a Special Filmmaking Achievement earlier this month he gave his thanks in the same manner that his latest film The Fantastic Mr. Fox was created. The results are, well, fantastic.  Read More

Border Film Project

This may be old to you. It’s new to me as I was given the book to thumb through the other day. I just want to say this idea was radical. Radical in the way that if I had done it I would not have been surprised if the FBI came knocking on my door. To which I would say “dude, it’s art.” They’d get it, I’m sure. So here’s the program: Border Film Project is a collaborative art project giving disposable cameras to two groups on different... Read More

Jess Hirsch

Jess Hirsch is having a show at Tilde! From Jess: “I picked at random from the 192 Nations of the world and then sought out certain animals and regional traditions. I was moved by the history of facial tattoos in Northern Africa and applied the patterns to the Fennec Fox, the national animal of Algeria. I examined the wood grain inlay of Sri Lanka and adorned the Jungle Foul with those patterns and colors. The intimidating Russian Bear was decorated with the painted pattern... Read More

Vikings, always good planners

They pillaged much of northern Europe, so why not plan a super-nautical hub Arctic city 40 years in advance? I lived the strip-mall suburban life for 13 years. I don’t think anyone sat down and planned out that situation 40 years in advance. I love that this unknown (until now) city in the Arctic is schooling us on how to take a seat, and plan things carefully for the future, not the developer. These guys even considered bird migratory routes in their planning. Anyone who... Read More

The Mixtape Club

More and more I find myself skipping iTunes, Amazon and services like when searching for new music and head straight for a new mixtape. I’m sure I’ll have more fantastic mixtapes to share with you all in the near future but today I’m listening to one of the compilations posted to the newest edition of the mixtape club. The Mixtape Club offers up a new group of hand crafted mixtapes by many different sources once a month. I’m always impressed with... Read More

Wait, I totally live there

Ok below is how excited I am about this little video, (image courtesy Fred Flare donut fest): Someone made a video about our little town. It’s so great! It makes me just want to jump up and wiggle. Screencaps, vid below They really hit my hot spots. Bikes, booze, puppies, coffee, Mt. Hood, waterfalls, and one of the shots is directly in front of my house!  Read More

Darcel Dissapoints

As with so many things in life Darcel Disappoints is all about context. His minimalist vector illustration is a bare bones depiction of whatever situation in his life he is sharing with us leaving the rest of the heavy lifting to the sometimes pithy titles. I’m always excited when I see a new piece in my RSS reader and contrary to what the title of the blog would have you beleive, it never dissappoints.  Read More

On task: Yellowknife, NWT

On New Year’s Eve I was sitting in Astoria, Oregon staring at this licence plate from the Northwest Territories, Canada over the best chowder I have ever put in my mouth. I’d seen it as a child, as an adult I was captivated. The shape of the plate completely captures my imagination. I want to drive by Polar bears! I want this plate on a big blue (electric) truck that carries huskies, firewood, and things! Some of what is coming out of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories,... Read More


Apple announced it newest piece of hardware today, the much anticipated iPad! First off the device looks amazing. The interface and industrial design appear to be everything we have come to expect from Apple products. And while there is a an incredible “Wow” factor I’m not sure that there is a space between a smartphone and a laptop for the non tech-savvy among us All that said the device looks INCREDIBLE and I would love to be typing this post on one right... Read More