Invisible Creature with Don Clark

Two cities, two houses of design, one community. The Spit Swap has happened, and not only was it informative/inspiring/radical, it was engaging. Here’s the thing with being engaged, it leaves you better prepared to create things worth sharing than passive involvement. I never feel like I just attend a Designspeaks talk. They actively engage, so in fact I’m paying a few bucks to get mobilized. It’s a briefing, if you will, on what... Read More

Will Bryant, Please!

William Bryant just moved to Portland via Austin and just killed the New York Times Magazine front cover with the illustrated question of the year “What if the Secret to Success is Failure?” This man can draw, and he draws everyday. Plus he’s humble and nice and hard working. So that’s amazing. Mr. Bryant has been generous enough to share some process sketches and below is the cover on the NYT website! Holding this thing in-hand... Read More

UnFailed Fail show

This is the invitation for Wieden+Kennedy 12.7’s art show that opened yesterday on First Thursday. This is how much I love it (arms open). I accidentally stumbled upon some of the 12’ers late one evening in the studio putting together some elements for this piece, I had no idea they were going to pull off something this beautiful. I almost feel like I could just end the post right here. I can’t tear my eyes away. I find it equally... Read More

Where is Ai Wei Wei?

China’s most influential art figure is missing. Detained, likely, in a state facility, flipping off everyone who walks by him. His fame and accolades can now do little for him. Even a statement by Secretary Clinton is met with silence from the government that has detained Ai Wei Wei. His 100,000,000 porcelain seeds sit as silent as he does in Turbine hall at the Tate. As it stands, there are now 100,000,001 silent porcelain seeds waiting to... Read More

Spanish designer & artist Camilo Carmona

I first came to know the work of Camilo Carmona, known professionally as DOSCE, by her illustrated Tribes of Colombia. I’ve never really seen this sort of illustration style, they look like superheroes that went to Japan for a year and then came back via Illustrator CS5. The level of compassion and care is so apparent, it’s difficult to not fall in love with the idea of people that express their heritage and┬áidentity┬áin dress and appearance.... Read More

Pictographs by Eggertsson

Well travelled, heavily awarded, born in 1984, and the pride of Iceland, Siggi Eggertsson has more g’s in his name than anyone you will ever know. Siggie says that work has always been his hobby. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say it quite like that before. Usually around these parts we get the line “do what you love/love what you do” – but thinking of work as your hobby makes complete sense. I think I prefer... Read More

Sculpture over Portland waters

A gallery that has no home. A working studio space that has no address (well, sort of). Shake hands with The Labrador, 12128, a floating workshop/refuge/venue/studio/gallery run by four recent art grads from Lewis & Clark. The Labrador lives on the Willamette River, on Sauvie Island, and used to ship bodes back home after WWII, as well as fish frozen northern waters for crab. Sounds like a set for Ghosthunters, a place where artists go to get... Read More

“When you have more clowns…” says Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero at Land Gallery If you are in Portland and you know what is good for you, march yourself right on down to Land Gallery and experience Frank Chimero’s show “If Someone Asks This is Where I’ll Be.” It is impossible to imagine this much work crammed into such a tight space. It makes Land feel 10x larger than it actually is, and unless you seriously pace yourself you may miss something. Frank has pieced together... Read More

Vidz for your ears or eyes

Isn’t it nice not to need explanations sometimes? Here are four vids spanning music, art, film, and craft without any explanation. Just freaking hit play. Thanks Yasly + Vimeo Discover  Read More

Jason Polan draws YOU

What a happy accident, how I found out that Jason Polan is drawing every person in New York. I was doing my usual stalking of Zachary Schomburg and look! he’s up there, doing a reading on 9th street in NYC last August. I found myself scrolling and scrolling through his drawings of the people around him and didn’t even realize I had been captivated. What a little hermit he must be, stealing glances and quickly drawing so as not to be noticed.... Read More

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