Will Bryant invades Portland

Will Bryant is still in the city as I write this, but soon he’ll head back south to his lair in Austin, TX, and the gents over at Public School. During his visit he was kind enough to share some of his work in real-life with Portland up at Land Gallery on Mississippi Avenue. Walking into a room full of work I’d seen on the internet over the past few years was surreal! Chuck Norris, girls holding their breath, Bulls, all of the work that... Read More

“When you have more clowns…” says Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero at Land Gallery If you are in Portland and you know what is good for you, march yourself right on down to Land Gallery and experience Frank Chimero’s show “If Someone Asks This is Where I’ll Be.” It is impossible to imagine this much work crammed into such a tight space. It makes Land feel 10x larger than it actually is, and unless you seriously pace yourself you may miss something. Frank has pieced together... Read More

Kate Consumption NOW

The one, the only Kate Bingaman-Burt opened up Land Gallery on Friday. Balloons, pencils, colors, madness. And the cocktail dress of the decade. Such a star, and I so love that her lil gift package of rip-offs given to her by Frank was captured in that last photograph. So that is called joy! The overall feeling of the show could be surmised as the collision of sunshine + love + energy + consumption. Not the rampant nasty consumption, but the fun... Read More