TEDx PDX Preview

Year 3 of TEDx Portland starts on Monday. Well, ticket sales open Monday, you still have a month to look forward to this lineup, a full day of amazing speakers, an art show, and a surprise event before hand that will excite any TED fan. Yeah, TEDx is a franchise. But it’s our franchise. Our flavor, under the global TED umbrella, it’s Portland’s very own in a rad series of what is turning out to be fertile grounds for a short-list... Read More

Will Bryant, Please!

William Bryant just moved to Portland via Austin and just killed the New York Times Magazine front cover with the illustrated question of the year “What if the Secret to Success is Failure?” This man can draw, and he draws everyday. Plus he’s humble and nice and hard working. So that’s amazing. Mr. Bryant has been generous enough to share some process sketches and below is the cover on the NYT website! Holding this thing in-hand... Read More

Kate Consumption NOW

The one, the only Kate Bingaman-Burt opened up Land Gallery on Friday. Balloons, pencils, colors, madness. And the cocktail dress of the decade. Such a star, and I so love that her lil gift package of rip-offs given to her by Frank was captured in that last photograph. So that is called joy! The overall feeling of the show could be surmised as the collision of sunshine + love + energy + consumption. Not the rampant nasty consumption, but the fun... Read More