“When you have more clowns…” says Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero at Land Gallery

If you are in Portland and you know what is good for you, march yourself right on down to Land Gallery and experience Frank Chimero’s show “If Someone Asks This is Where I’ll Be.” It is impossible to imagine this much work crammed into such a tight space. It makes Land feel 10x larger than it actually is, and unless you seriously pace yourself you may miss something.

Frank has pieced together a show that is a joy to look at, read, giggle, consider, and admire. If you know Frank’s work then you know his voice already. The show basically distills that voice and literally throws it on the wall.

I knew Frank was capable, it’s pretty obvious. It was nice though to see Frank only answering to himself this time. He probably always only answers to himself, but in this space, in the absence of a client or a University, he’s been able to unleash the playground inside of him. Thanks Frank, you’ve brought something to Portland that I hope never leaves. FORTPORT swoons.

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  1. Mathew says:

    My favorite quote from Frank’s wall was “Stay cool, my babies”

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