The Labrador, a floating gallery

It would be hard to imagine something more awesome than an art gallery on a boat. We’re not talking about a yacht, a skiff, or a retail pleasure craft. Imagine a WWII Naval vessel, that after the war went up to Dutch Harbor, Alaska to join the crabbing fleets of the frigid Bering Sea. It’s 135 feet long and weighs 200 tons, and casts a long shadow on all the boats in the surrounding area, with its three story tower. This craft is so large... Read More

Sculpture over Portland waters

A gallery that has no home. A working studio space that has no address (well, sort of). Shake hands with The Labrador, 12128, a floating workshop/refuge/venue/studio/gallery run by four recent art grads from Lewis & Clark. The Labrador lives on the Willamette River, on Sauvie Island, and used to ship bodes back home after WWII, as well as fish frozen northern waters for crab. Sounds like a set for Ghosthunters, a place where artists go to get... Read More