Space Collective

While I was trolling Cargo Collective today (as I’m want to do) I ran across the profile of Superfamous Studios who developed the Cargo Collective content management system. According to their site Cargo Collective was built on the systems the team had set up to run their prior project which look really interesting. is a ground breaking participatory learning community and independent creative research platform where “forward thinking terrestrials... Read More

Super Brunch

Well like I said – the collaborators will inherit the earth! Yesterday Jelly and I had a great group of humans in the studio for brunch. Jelly’s theme: People I worked with in 2009 that I’d like to work with in 2010 I will never forget that carrot cake. Sprinkled with so much love. Thanks for coming out everyone! Jelly’s cross-post  Read More

ISO50: Matthew Lyons Process

Matthew Lyons seems to be EVERYWHERE lately. Usually this would lead me to forgo a post as his work has been covered from every conceivable angle. However ISO50 recently asked him to describe his process on a particular piece. It’s always interesting to me to look inside the mind of someone else while their working on a project, and Lyons seems especially forthcoming with his thought process and insights about his work. No recipes for success (not that they exist )... Read More

If You Could

Friend of the fort, Nicole over at making stuff and doing things, sent this over the other day. What a gem! If You Could is a platform for collaboration – sometimes between people in different fields. They are given the generous time of 12 months to work together. Ok so I’d say I have a very long wish list of people I’d just die to collaborate with. I mean the work is incredible! Side note. The collaborators shall inherit the Earth. You heard it here first  Read More

Group Love – fire forts

Fire stations. Most of them are historic, and most of them you can stay in for free. I love the fact that these places are so remote that no one really knows they are there, but often they are full of all our creature comforts. Well, some more than others. Ridiculous locations, even more ridiculous views. Just a few of the oldies are in this cute little set. Imagine waking up to this view, way up the road on Saddle Mountain in British Columbia: Thanks Forest History Society!  Read More

Questions we can’t ask

A new friend and mentor of mine has been asking some questions. Are we creating value for humans? Does what we design do more than earn us some coin? Beyond the creativity of the commission, is anyone paying attention to what is actually being designed? I was in the studio of the man asking the questions this week. On his work desk was a dark bottle of local wine. He picked it up and said “OK so imagine this is a bomb.” He caressed the curve of the neck, then continued,... Read More

David O’Reilly: Please Say Something

Please Say Something – Full Length from David OReilly on Vimeo. David O’Reilly is a tremendously gifted animator who I was first introduced to by my friend (and gifted animator in his own right) Vance Reeser. I love that O’Reilly strips his animations down to the bare essentials, and pushes what some would consider beautiful. Above is his reinvention of the old cat and mouse tale and below is a music video he created for MIA. RyeRye / MIA “Bang”... Read More

Benjamin Rasmussen Photography

I was first exposed to the photography of Benjamin Rasmussen when we attended college together during my brief stint in the midwest. I’ve followed his work ever since and really enjoy the emotion and moodiness of his work, as well as his knack for lighting and color. According to his twitter he’s just had some photography published in the New York Times! Be sure and check it out.  Read More

Babe Rainbow

Skull4brains strikes again! This time close to home, with a musician from Vancouver, BC, just up the road. Ben and I were sitting in my living room watching these videos with our mouthes agape. We looked like total mouth-breathers. Haunting, cinematic, northwestern. Bonus: brilliantly filmed sequences. Popcommon audio clip: Shaved full video: The Shaved video incites so much memory from my last 27 years spent in the northwest! It captures the creep, the dank, and pretty much... Read More

Tweed riders galore

What a rabbit hole! Originally I was digging really hard for the next installment of Flickr Group Love to be based on capturing what it is to be a logger. During the dig, the internet (father fate) lead me to Kit Crenshaw’s photostream, which has this set that basically captures the idea of Portland. So to Kit, father fate, and your gorgeous photographs of the spirit of Portlandia. Tweed Ride started in January of this year, and will be an annual tradition. I have... Read More