Scale of the universal


Alright what a week. I’ve been sleeping very little and working very much, which has produced a quantity of inane babbling in my head, so I hope this post doesn’t end up and the category of ‘what was he thinking!’ Universal. Universe. Univers (ha, just kidding, no more type jokes Aaron). Isn’t it interesting that the word universe can mean everything... Read More

Hello, Summertime…?

photo via Design Dust Summertime in Portland is a fickle beast. Even now into July I wore a hoodie and beanie as I sat outside and sipped bourbon on my front porch last night. However when Summer finally comes to the Northwest it is INCREDIBLE. The weather is perfect and that days are LONG. Because of the long rainy months Portlanders tend to take full advantage of the beautiful... Read More

GOOD LOOK: Wireless Parking San Francisco

As anyone who has accompanied me to Portland International Airport can attest I can do some serious geeking out where well designed parking systems are concerned. Their short term parking system is incredible with lights that change from red to green depending on wether or not there is a car in the spot and signs that show you how many spots are open on any given level. While I’m... Read More