Food Issue, shot by Lucas Foglia

Sunday means The New York Times is all over my house. Ripped apart, crinkled, piled up, sat on, spilled on, and loved, very well loved. Each year the NYT Magazine does a few food issues, this one with a great article by Michael Pollan on a 36-hour dinner party cooked in a cob oven consisting of one goat, one fire, and many cooks. Do not read if you are hungry, you will want to eat the magazine. Obviously there is great content throughout, especially... Read More

Rick Moranis is a writer?

The following is an op-ed piece contributed to NYT by Rick Moranis. Can I only assume this is the Rick Moranis we know and love from all those honey-I/shrinksy movies I grew up on? My gut tells me yes, probably because I want him to be a brilliant writer now. Decide for yourself, but read this in his voice:  Read More