Food Issue, shot by Lucas Foglia

Sunday means The New York Times is all over my house. Ripped apart, crinkled, piled up, sat on, spilled on, and loved, very well loved. Each year the NYT Magazine does a few food issues, this one with a great article by Michael Pollan on a 36-hour dinner party cooked in a cob oven consisting of one goat, one fire, and many cooks. Do not read if you are hungry, you will want to eat the magazine. Obviously there is great content throughout, especially if you are a foodie or a closet locavore. But turn to page 70 and prep your eyes for the sweet, sweet photographs of Lucas Foglia. The title of the piece is Food Groups. The direction, sets, props, facial expressions, poses, attire, titles, typography, and perspective are wonderful. Lucas, thank you. You are a talented human, and you just made me hungry for a farmers market meal.

I want to know all of these people, why are they not in my life? What I’m realizing though, is that when you get a group of humans together looking the way they normally look, the effect can be just as powerful as humans that have been primped and ¬†coiffed. Just look at these guys, either they want to feed me a mean meal or eff me up. Probably both, I can deal with that. I can’t tear my eyes away. Naturally, I went straight to the interwebs to find more of Mr. Foglia’s work. I found epic journeys where he travels around the US photographing off-the-grid communities and places like the largest tract of undeveloped land in the contiguous United States.

Alright, I need to tell you the title of this last photograph is called Guarding the Sheep, and it basically makes my day. Also I can safely say that is the first full frontal male image on the FORT so I suppose we should celebrate? Regardless of milestones and reproductive organs, I find it interesting that Lucas’ work for the NYT Magazine is completely different than the work on his portfolio site.¬†Hallelujah. It can be disappointing to look someone up and only find work that is all the same, shot in the same perspective, with similar lighting. It’s just so inspiring to see depth of skill in a given field. I tip my hat.

2 Responses to “Food Issue, shot by Lucas Foglia”
  1. Michael says:

    Best part is, I didn’t even noticed the full frontal until you mentioned it in text and I went back.

  2. Chrissy says:

    Thanks for that – beautiful work – glad I got to see more of it.

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