Seasons of growth

This week I had the good fortune to screen National Geographic’s 2011 documentary, The Last Lions. It is one of the most life-like, brutally honest look at the natural world I have ever seen. The story is as crushing as it is remarkable. Stunningly filmed, a true departure for National Geographic, and in such a way as to inspire a dream-filled night of the struggles, fears, and triumphs that happen in the natural world every day. Instead of... Read More

Strategy Can Do Better, Mr. Haque

Umair Haque recently published an article for the Harvard Business Review that I’ve read now four times and it’s time to talk about it. The piece is called Strategy Can Do Better and quantifies what so many people have been feeling so deeply but couldn’t quite get out of their mouths. The piece is so brilliant, so verbally satisfying that I couldn’t regurgitate my own version and provide any improvement whatsoever, so I’m... Read More

Just a little candor

Seventeen years ago Jurassic Park was released to the world in video form (don’t worry, this is not a fan post about Jurassic Park). Easily the most made fun-of/irksome character was Dr. Ian Malcolm. No one wanted to talk about chaos theory, they just wanted to see some dinosaurs, twisted steel, and screaming tweens. I don’t want to talk about chaos theory either, but let me pull something totally out of context that he says and put in... Read More