Design Week Registration Opens!

It’s happening.

Tuesday (tomorrow, Sept. 18) is the official day you can register for Design Week Portland. And you really should register! October 9 is coming sooner than you think.

So, now that you’re planning on registering tomorrow, get excited. Ryan Bush and I (together you may address us as TAIGA) have put together a little teaser featuring Steve Sandstrom from a Designspeaks event earlier this year (Here is the direct link in case your browser doesn’t load it below).

There is more where this came from, in fact there is a Designspeaks event with Jeff Kovel of Skylab on October 11 and the folks behind Designspeaks are launching a new series called The Straight Six on Saturday night at Instrument. So sharpen your pencils, and buy fresh notebooks Portland. Get ready to get positively sizzled.

Steve Sandstrom, Designspeaks teaser from TAIGA on Vimeo.

Of course there is a full interview behind this preview. After you all register (I mean all of you) we’ll let it loose. Stay tuned!

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