Unknown PSU

For the longest time I’ve wanted to snoop around this enormous University that I’ve called home for about three years now. Nothing affords this better than a Sunday during summer session. A couple Sunday’s ago I took about four hours and went into 3 buildings I’ve never had a reason to venture into:┬áScience building 1 & 2, and the interim XSB Music building. I found myself a full two stories underground, lurking in empty lecture halls and feeling... Read More

Oregon screenspace!

Driving home through Deschutes, Jefferson, and Clackamas counties yesterday I realized I wasn’t quite sure about all the counties in our fair state. After checking out the internet, there isn’t really a map that makes me want to learn more about them, so why not make one? Here’s a little prize from FORTPORT! I also learned our motto: Alis volat Propriis which means “She flies with her own wings.” This was a great way to learn about my state, oh... Read More

Caribou, Florence + The Machine

We all know and love Caribou’s latest album by now. Their video for Sun has probably been seen or heard of, but in case you missed it here it is in its dream-like glory. I love these women! They are total art moms partying after a gala at the academy. The soul patrol group that comes in with Kid n’ Play hair and incredible sneaks are such a fantastic mix with the art moms. I can dig it, it brings life to the song that I already loved. So the second part of this little... Read More