Badge design & inspiration

Badges are pretty much everywhere. Some people aren’t willing to call them logos, arguing that they’re just a trendy piece of graphic eye candy, soon to be dated, and not really worth pursuing in your own work. Others think they’re beautiful and should be plastered on everything from skate decks to the Lakes of Minnesota. Recently there was a blog post from Allan Peters curating his favorite badges of the internet, which has strangely... Read More

Jared Milam

Jared Milam is a designer living here in Portland whose work I have seen all over the place without realizing it was all coming from him. His Kilkenny logos are SO DELICIOUS, makes me just want to smack my lips. He is skilled enough, however to flip it around and switch styles with his identity for “id”—a branding strategy that kills when it comes to the variety of business cards he allows. I’m pretty sure some instructors have... Read More