Burning skaters, Dear Japan

I have this crazy fantasy in my head that we’re just energy trapped inside this body. The energy comes out but we could do whatever we want. I think like that because I do some crazy things sometimes. I don’t even understand. You just have to focus on something so hard and believe that it’s possible and it will happen.

What I am so in love with is the voice-over in the beginning. The direction is most excellent, but the narrations sets this epic super-hero theme that is delivered in full by the end credits. Most, most excellent work here. The first portrait of a skater comes across in frail form, so fragile and young & unknowing. Then his skin starts smoking. Icon.

A sudden minor shock or meaningless/meaningful interruption…that is a memory…here is a blip of the land of the rising sun. JAPAN!

The suggestion of Japan is clearly better than facing it head-on. The first two minutes of this could have been anywhere. Nathan & Matt suggested the idea of Japan without showing a Japanese stereotype or even face, with Humpback whale song overlays. What!? This video makes me feel like this trip was either super epic or the editing is just way over the top. Probably both, but not in a negative way, more in a “why doesn’t my life look like that” way. Nice work, excellent escape, definite dopamine squirt.

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